The Bad

Let’s start this post off by talking about my least favorite assignment in class, the infamous Photo Booth project. The photo booth could have gone one of two ways and it ended up going with the ladder. The only positive aspect of the project was being able to be around dogs, but almost everything else went completely wrong and not according to plan. I don’t think I will ever work in a photo booth again (I used to work and take pictures at Legoland).


The Good

1.My favorite assignment that we have completed this semester is definitely the Photo book. I have always wanted to author a book, but I am not the most talented or intrinsically motivated writer and this was the perfect fit. I really enjoyed the easy program that we used, Blurb, it made designing the pages and cover simple. The price was a little higher then I had hoped, but I am still very excited to see the outcome and feel my artwork in my hands.


2.The Night photography – in class assignment was a close second to my favorite. I really enjoyed this project because it gave Kaelie and I creative freedom and let us work with tools that you ordinarily wouldn’t use. I enjoy working on my own  and I do more often, but more times then not I have a lot more fun collaborating with creatives. my I would have liked to see an assignment forcing us to take night or astro photography on our own because there is definitely a learning curve that you have to fail at a lot before you learn it.



Navy Guest Speakers

Today in class 2 Navy combat photographers, Ben Lewis and Arthur Marquez, came to show us their portfolio reels and introduced us to the world of the Navy’s combat photography. Arthur Marquez is primarily an underwater photographer with over 7 years of diving under his belt. Arthur focuses most of his imagery on people, unlike most underwater photographers who focus on sea wild life and human interaction with that of which creates very stimulating imagery. Arthur’s photography stood out to me the most because of the fish eye lens that he was using, a staple for underwater photography, takes a look into an entire scene can tell a different story. Ben Lewis is mainly a videographer who has recently shifted his focus into photography. Ben’s photography, especially his ariel work, really put the viewer into the action and kept your eye on to the image. A photograph that stood out to me the most was one of a military person in a helicopter in Hawaii, Ben brought up the shadows on him in photoshop to bring him into light and creates a nice balance with the split screen of the man and the landscape. The military world is so much different from the life of the civilian and being able to see that life creates a very compelling story. Story telling is essential for all types of photo journalism and being able to capture an image that needs no description is what the goal seems to be.

Panoramic Photograph


This is a panoramic that I took using my Wide Angle 10-22mm Lens at Oceanside Beach.

Photo merge makes it easy for virtually anybody to use! It is a great tool and I have used it in the past. Originally I had taken photos with my legs and feet in the foreground, but they got a little messed up because I probably moved them when I took the photo and Photo merge’s auto-crop feature agreed with me that my legs did not belong. This photo consists of 24 individual photographs, I took 8 shots from coast to coast and 3 up and down to create a consistency throughout. I took a plethora of photos as well to not have any error where photo merge requires 25-40% of the 2 closest photos to overlap. I also had to be quick with my shots to keep a consistency with the water’s natural flow. I was worried that the people in the foreground were going to distort the image or themselves become distorted and to my surprise everything worked out! I have attached 2 of the same photos so that you can click on them to zoom them in.

Book Proposal

I will be creating a book with the premise “Thrift Shop Wedding Dresses” and I will have a model that I will travel to multiple thrift shops with and have her put on the most visually compelling wedding dresses that we can find and have myself photograph her. I am considering using multiple models to create a lack of replication and be move visually stimulating. The thrift shops that I will cover will range from Escondido to Oceanside and each dress will be photographed in a different shop. There will be no caption for the photographs because the dress alone is compelling enough to tell a story on it’s own. My goal for this book is for the reader to feel the emotions that the bride felt the day that they took their dress to the thrift shop.







The book that I have created is titled “Faces” and includes my portrait work from the past year. The portraits in the book consist of 1 person for each of their 2 photo, 2 page showcase. One of the photographs is a close up shot and the other one is a medium to wide shot of the same subject for each section. The book is 22 pages and is minimalistic on purpose. I typed on the first page “Faces of the youth” in a handwritten font to give it a personal touch on the book, a theme that all of the text follows. I did not want to heavily rely on typography or text content where I wanted the images to speak for themselves. I covered the book using an off-grey black to match my style of photography where I do not use absolute black for my shadows. This book will basically be a portfolio showcasing my work in portrait photography. I am very happy with the outcome online and I am very excited to get my hands on the book itself.

Reading Inspired Photograph

The section that inspired the photo that I have taken was the section on Art and Reality where it says that “Art is more than a representation of life… the photographer sets up lights, uses shutter speeds, etc. to make a likeness, which is as much about his/her eye as it is about what is observed.” 1,000,000 people could have taken the photo that I’ve taken given the subject a man and his truck and it would look entirely different from one person to the next. One of the most underated creative expression is photography, the possibilities are nearly endless. The manipulation of light, color, people, composition, etc. is infinite and learning to shoot in different styles is very important in finding yourself and finding what you like to shoot and edit. I stand by my style and I pride myself on my eye in photography.


Discovery Lake

I had never been to discovery lake before and I am glad that we had the opportunity to go! I am stoked with the way that these pictures came out and very glad that we had lexi there to be our model. We had a red glass bottle that we used to reflect on her face to create the cyborg look in the photo below. I really enjoy using the reflectors and I am a strong advocate for them, they helped us illuminate the subjects entire face to create a nice even lighting throughout. The girl smoking was walking by and we asked her if we could take a picture of her blowing out smoke and there was a man standing in the back near the fence that I removed in post.

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